At Town Dock, we know job-seekers are searching for a position
in a committed, honest, and trusted company. It is our goal to be that company.

Why Work at Town Dock

Born as a family endeavor in 1980, The Town Dock still carries its family values and traditions in honesty and integrity, even as it has grown to be the largest supplier of quality calamari in the United States. Here are a few aspects of working at Town Dock that we are particularly proud of, and that we hope you may be interested to learn:

  • Working at Town Dock will give you the chance to be a part of a growing company that consistently delights its customers and continues to challenge itself as it expands its product lines and offerings.
  • Town Dock owns its own boats and partners with local fleets, allowing us to work with local fishermen to support each other and the Rhode Island community.
  • Our employees are passionate about their jobs, care about the success of the Town Dock, and are rewarded for their hard work and passion.
  • Town Dock is a committed, determined company, with collaborative employees that all work together to move the company forward.

Open Positions

*Please fill out our webform on the right (unless otherwise noted in description) or contact HR to apply for any of our open positions, or to inquire about other possible openings.

Cover Letter:


Maggie Loffredo
Phone: (401) 789-2200 x.124